Drone rental for aerial shots with pilot

In many cases the crewed helicopter can not get close to pylons, bridges, roads and buildings. The ability to make aerial shots that are particularly stable with drones allows us to get close to buildings and structures to record detailed videos of inspections and investigations.

The latest technologies for aerial cinematography with drones and our pilots with many years of experience are at your service.

Monte Bianco Droni performs professional aerial shots with drones equipped with stabilized brushless gimbal and professional cameras, thus obtaining fluid and vibration-free movies.

The drone fleet, with highly professional models specifically indicated for television, film and even private events, is constantly updated.

We have an insurance policy for professional use of drones for aerial video cameras and we are the first company in Valle d’Aosta authorized by ENAC for critical operations.

riprese video con drone

Our latest works for Cinema and TV

These are the trailers of our latest works for television and cinema. For more references and other categories, take a look to our portfolio.

Monte Bianco Droni filmed the aerial sequences of Rocco Schiavone – Season Two

Monte Bianco Droni for RAI television: “Purché finisca bene”

Monte Bianco Droni filmed the aerial sequences of Non ho niente da perdere

“The Fly of Anouk” Documentary for RAI Valle D’Aosta: coming soon

NHK Hörnlihütte 2018

Monte Bianco Droni for La 7 Magazine

Monte Bianco Droni is the executive producer for the short film Sofia Pescatori, by Gian Guido Zurli

Our drones

The aircraft collection at our disposal ranges from the DJI Matrice 600 Pro, able to mount a wide range of cinematic cameras, to the more compact DJI Inspire 2, equipped with an integrated X7 camera capable of recording in Ultra HD 6K and in Apple ProRes 422 or RAW Cinema DNG format.

Noleggio droni per riprese aeree con operatore video

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